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Magnet Horns

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

These magnet horns can be worn without elaborate fixtures, giving them the perfect illusion for costumes and characters. To capture this effect, here are a few tips and tricks below:

Attachment Methods


Metal Hair Clips

These type of clips can be easily found at most stores. These clips will snap over the hair, and are available in a variety of colors to best suit your hair color. For maximum hold, select clips that are bare metal, as some will have rubberized coatings that can affect the magnet's strength.

How To Wear

Metal Hair Band

Metal hairbands can be worn under wigs, or otherwise worn visibly on the head. Wearing a headband under a wig will add a lot of distance therefore making the magnet pull weaker, so headbands are ideal when the design permits it to be visible. When placing the horns on a surface, you should consider adding a coating or layer that can add friction to prevent the model from rotating during wear.

How To Wear

Using a coated headband, like this fabric-wrapped one, you can ensure the friction will keep the magnet in place with minimal rotating. For more stylized designs, building a custom slots will ensure the model will stay in place.

Sewn Magnets

The last popular method is to sew magnets directly into the wig. This is best done by sewing small pouches with a magnet inside. This will allow the magnet to rotate to the correct polarity for the magnet is is coming in contact with.


Looking to make your models extra polished? Look at our Post Processing guide for more info on finishing techniques.

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