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Imp/Devil Mercy Brooch Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to finish your Imp/Devil Mercy Brooch Kit purchased from the Filament Forged shop on Etsy.

Before you Start

Your purchased kit comes with the parts shown in the photo above. This includes: 2 black frame segments, 7 gems (color varies by type), 2 jump rings, 1 pin backing. In addition, you will need:Glue/Adhesive compound.

A more textured glue is recommended, such as a gel-type super glue, epoxy, contact cement, or specialty PLA glue such as 3D Gloop. Hot glue is preferred for the back pin as it can grip into the holes and secure it tightly. (You can also use hot glue for the gems, but you will need to work quickly. Hot glue is very thick and will cool very quickly. This can leave some of the gems unlevel/uneven.)

Optional, but nice to have: Sandpaper, Gloss/Clear Coat, Paint

Prep Work

This step is optional, but if you want to do any sort of post-processing this is easiest before the part is assembled.

If you'd like to give your parts a super smooth finish, follow the Post Processing guide HERE. A final layer of gloss, or a nice gradient paintjob can take your piece to the next level.


Lay out all your inlay gems to match with the correct placement into the frame. Use your glue to set these in place. After the gems have been set, use pliers to open the jump rings. Use these to connect the dangle gem to the large frame, and to connect the large frame to the top diamond. Lastly, flip the frame over, and glue the pin into the slot in the back of the black diamond.

(Pay careful attention to the direction that the pin opens. You may want this oriented in a certain direction based on your preference)


This tutorial is always looking for improvement. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact your seller through Etsy.

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