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Let's Go Camping!

I’m so excited that so many of my friends are interested in going on this crazy adventure with me.  I’ve tried to make this trip as accessible as possible to campers of all levels, so even if you’re brand new, hopefully this document can help make everything feel doable.



Sunday May 26th - Monday May 27th

(Check In 12 noon Sunday -Check Out 12 noon Monday)

Walkie Talkie Channel 11
(Frequency  467.6375)

About the Campsite


The Black Canyon Group Campground will be about 2 hours from Vegas, and should be fully accessible to a 2-wheel drive vehicle. 



This campsite is at around 4000ft elevation (2000 higher than Vegas) So the weather should be bit cooler out there.  It will still be a little warm during the day, but very nice in the shade, with perfect campfire weather at night.


The campsite does have: Vault toilets, trash receptacles, fire ring, grill, shaded picnic shelter with tables. Water may be available there as well, but I need to confirm.  But its always good to pack in water just in case. 

This campsite is listed for 15-50 people, so for our group ample space and ample parking. 

There is also wifi at the nearby Visitors Center if we need to get in touch with anyone.

Covered Tables.jpg

Huge Shaded Picnic Table Area with trash cans


And YES, there are toilets

how to get here

The route to the Black Canyon Group Campground is mostly paved with a small stretch of dirt road leading to the site, which is  fully accessible to a 2-wheel drive vehicle. 

This is a common road and Google Maps will absolutely be able to help you there. 

Here is a map of showing which are accessible to which types of vehicles. The solid black lines are paved roads (literally even the google street view car made it down), so for passenger vehicles South entrance is the best route. 


how to camp

A staple for any outdoor adventurer, I recommend learning the
Leave No Trace Principles to minimize the damage that humans do when we travel into high-traffic outdoor environments.

We're in a group campsite, so we can probably party little more than usual, but remember that other people also use the outdoors to get away, so be mindful of loud music and generators especially during sleep times. Sound travels really far in open desert, so even if you can't see other campers, just be mindful that they might still hear you.

Also, if you smoke just make sure to be away from other peoples tents to avoid the smoke smells from clinging to their bedding.


As for gear needed while camping, I've curated my packing list over many years of camping and sharing my tips with friends.  Check out my Google Docs checklist for things that might be helpful for you.

The list of gear can seem pretty overwhelming, but fear not.  If you have any questions or need to borrow any gear, give me a ping. I've already had plenty of people offer to share gear with anyone who needs it.  Also outdoor stores like REI offer rental equipment if you want to try out some nice gear without the commitment of owning it. 


When's your Birthday?

My actual birthday is Wed May 29th

Do I owe you anything?

The campsite is already paid for. You don't need to pay anything, and you don't need to bring any gifts or anything either. Just bring yourself and have fun. 

Can I bring a +1
Of course.  If I'm inviting you, I trust you have good judgement and that you won't bring people that can't behave. Feel free to bring you partner, your mistress, your kids.  Just be responsible for them.



I know plenty of people with dogs who like to camp with them. If you want to bring your dogs, make sure that they are good around other dogs, they won't be scratching up peoples tents, and of course make sure to bring all the essentials to clean up after them.

Michael and I might do a big round of grilling burgers and maybe some cake for everyone for dinner, but otherwise nothing is planned.
Because I know my friends, I'm sure people will probably bring snacks and drinks to share, but I always recommend being self sufficient and have a simple meal or two packed for yourself just in case something doesn't work out with group meals. 
I can heat up hot water for anyone that needs.
*note* remember to bring your own plate/utensils/cup
(cups should be compatible with hot drinks if you want cocoa or coffee.  I will have soap if you want to bring reusable dishes.)


I'm planning on bringing a ton of firewood since I've been hoarding it in my backyard, so no need to pick any up. 

Day-trip only?

If you don't have Memorial day off, or just don't feel fully up to overnight camping, you're more than welcome to just hangout for the daytime and head back home for the night. 


If you're planning on attending, please RSVP with me by Friday the 24th.  I want to have a headcount before we end up leaving, just so we can make sure everyone arrives safely.

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