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I am Forge

A Designer, Maker, and Entertainer

I’ve been designing and creating professionally for over 6 years. Prior to starting my own businesses, I used my passions as a way to learn new tools and techniques which became the foundation of Forge Creations.


Forge Creations (FC) is a multi-faceted creation house that encapsulates the worlds of digital and physical design. By utilizing modern design principles and cutting edge techniques and technology FC covers a broad spectrum of work and is ideal for tackling custom requests. 


Contact us to inquire about how your can hire Forge Creations for your next project. 


  • Business Subscriptions for copywriting,    photo/video editing, and social media marketing

  • Individual Project Runs for product designing, prototyping, and cosplay commissions

  • Event Entertainment with live music, guest appearances, and Educational workshops. 

  • And More


Mix and match the services for you

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